Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Holy Cow I Had Better Do a Post!

Well for bejezuz sakes, it's November 15th and I have not done one friggin blog post this year - not one. At least I am sticking close to my annual average, save 2007 when I first started. Well, I'm not really sure I have much of substance to post, maybe I will do a bit of a "Year in Review".

I must admit, 2012 was a lousy year for me, personally anyway. I lost both my parents in a span of about 7 months. My mom went unexpectedly and very suddenly in March and boy, was that hard to understand/take! She was fine then all of a sudden she was gone. Goes to show every day on this wonderful planet is something to savour. My dad had a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer and according to his doctors, was supposed to die oh, about 2 years before he actually did. While we sort of "expected" our dad to pass, it still sucked when he went in August.

Things will, obviously, never be the same.

On a nuclear family level our boys sure are growing up fast. Josh is now 16 and Matthew is 15. Josh is a clone of me in many ways. Matthew, well, he's a giant in the making with his size 14 shoes and 6'1" frame - all 220 pounds of him. He will be at least 6'4" when he's done, I am sure of it. My wife Kim is pretty much the same as she always is....

Anyhow, work is beginning to bore me a I need a change? Maybe, but I have it good now and I like Kenora. Kim hates it though and would move in a heartbeat. Winnipeg is the preferred Kim spot followed by any other big city after that, shop til ya drop so that explains that!

Anyhow, now I have accomplished something, I did a blog post at least once a year over the past 5 years. Does anyone even read these things anymore? I don't think so.......